Information barriers & conflicts of interest

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Our business centres around people and trust. Only by acting professionally and with integrity can we maintain our stakeholders’ confidence and preserve our reputation. We take measures to prevent conflicts of interest occurring between the bank and our customers or employees, as well as between one customer and another, or between a customer and an ING employee.

ING’s policy on conflicts of interest is aimed at:

  1. identifying, assessing, managing, registering and mitigating or preventing (potential) conflicts of interest ; and
  2. identifying and safeguarding confidential and inside information, which our employees will only use to carry out activities related to their job.

The Conflicts of Interest policy applies to everyone working for or on behalf of ING, including third parties, contractors and temporary staff, as well as senior managers and board members. No-one should put themselves in a position in which their personal interests, financial or otherwise, might influence (or be seen as influencing) their actions, judgments or advice.

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