Regulatory & international affairs

Banks operate in a heavily regulated environment. It is therefore crucial that we anticipate and understand the impact of legislative and regulatory developments and assess their impact on our customers and business.

New laws and regulations should contribute to financial stability, sustain a competitive environment and enable us to deliver excellent quality services to our customers and to society as a whole. That’s why we actively participate in the debate on the direction of public policy and regulatory developments in the European Union and the countries where ING is active.

We analyse proposed legislation to assess its potential impact. We regularly engage with policymakers – banking regulators, supervisors, officials and politicians – as well as NGOs, industry associations, think tanks, academics and our stakeholders. When determining ING’s position we weigh the interests of ING and all the stakeholders involved and seek to strike the right balance between possibly conflicting viewpoints.

Our approach to public advocacy

  • We seek to align our business and our strategy with the expectations of our stakeholders and society as a whole.
  • Integrity first: we comply with our statutory obligations as well as our own values.
  • We strive to be open and transparent about our views and objectives.
  • We keep stakeholders informed of our activities and explain the considerations underlying our standpoints. For competitive and privacy considerations we may sometimes withhold certain information.


ING’s stance on specific regulatory and supervisory topics:

Registrations and memberships

ING is registered in the EU Transparency Register and adheres to the EU code of conduct for organisations engaged in EU policy-making and implementation. We also participate in a number of industry and business associations in the countries where we operate.

Below is an overview of ING’s most relevant memberships:

Banking industry

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