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Climate change is an unparalleled challenge to our planet’s health and to the sustainability of societies and economies around the world.

We want to help lead the global transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. This starts at home by managing our own environmental footprint through our operations and suppliers.

We monitor and manage our environmental impact closely, and believe in being transparent about the climate impact of our operations. We invest in operational efficiency solutions and are sourcing almost 100% renewable energy for the buildings we have management control over. We integrate sustainability in our procurement processes and have been offsetting our remaining carbon emissions since 2007.

Our science-based targets help keep us on track, and our Environmental Programme will ensure we meet them.

  • We will reduce our scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions from our buildings and data centres by 80% by year-end 2022, and 90% by year-end 2030 (base year 2014).
  • We will reduce our scope 3 CO2e emissions from business travel by airplane and car by 25% by year-end 2022 (base year 2014).
  • We will reduce energy consumption by 65% by year-end 2030 (new target, base year 2014).
  • We will reduce our global residual waste by 26% by year-end 2022 (base year 2014).
  • We will reduce our water footprint by 26% by 2022 (base year 2014)
  • We will continue to procure 100% renewable electricity for all ING buildings where we have management control worldwide by 2020 and ongoing.
  • We will remain carbon neutral by offsetting remaining carbon emissions.
  • We will preferably procure green energy from local renewable projects: electricity supplied by energy sources that are naturally and continually replenished, such as wind, solar power, geothermal and hydropower.
  • We will maintain a standard for transparency about our progress by reporting to CDP and disclosing material environmental performance indicators in our annual report.
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