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ING believes being sustainable is in all the choices we make—as a lender, as a partner and through the services we offer our customers.

We have a clear set of objectives and targets, like doubling our Climate Finance portfolio by 2022 and steering our €600 billion portfolio towards meeting the Paris Agreement’s well-below two-degree goal. ING is also working towards only having ‘green’ office buildings in its Dutch portfolio by 2023.

Our long-standing commitment to sustainability is recognised by independent institutions that assess our sustainability performance annually. According to several sustainability rating agencies, ING is one of the most sustainable listed banks in the world.

ING’s Green Bond Programme

To support the strong growth of our Sustainable Finance portfolio, and to meet the green funding needs, we designed a Green Bond Framework that meets the highest standards on transparency and disclosure, and aligns with the ICMA Green Bond Principles (GBP).

ING intends to allocate the net proceeds of the green bonds issued under its Green Bond Framework to an Eligible Green Loan Portfolio of new and existing loans including renewable energy projects and green buildings. Other categories are clean transportation, pollution prevention and control, and sustainable water management. Read the Green Bond Framework (PDF 0,3 MB) for more information.

Overview of relevant documents

Green Bond Framework

Investor Presentations

External reviews

Green Bond Reporting

Post-issuance External Reviews

ING Green Bond Issuance Overview
ISIN Issue date Coupon Amount Maturity Issuer entity
Reg S Notes:

Rule 144A notes:
15 Nov, 2018 4.625% $1,250,000,000 6 Jan, 2026 ING Groep N.V.
XS1909186451 15 Nov, 2018 2.5% €1,500,000,000 15 Nov, 2030 ING Groep N.V.
XS1927765468 19 Dec, 2018 3.399% £60,000,000 28 Dec, 2030 ING Groep N.V.
XS1968711876 18 Mar, 2019 1.625% €138,000,000 21 Mar, 2029 ING Groep N.V.
XS2063297423 10 Oct, 2019 WIBOR 6M + 0,53% PLN 400,000,000 10 Oct, 2024 ING Bank Hipoteczny S.A.
Reg S Notes:

Rule 144A notes:
01 Jul, 2020 1.400% $1,000,000,000 01 Jul, 2026 ING Groep N.V.
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